Topic: Biology Subtopic: Tools and Methods Type: Article Level: for grades 6 through 12 Time: Less than 1 period Origin:Biodiversity Counts

This article, part of Biodiversity Counts, provides insight into keeping field journals. The article, which is available both online and as a printable PDF, discusses:

  • why journals are so important both to scientists and to the museums and institutions that employ them
  • the type and variety of information that researchers typically record in their journals
  • tips for how to keep a field journal, including how to develop a coding system to save time in the field while increasing the amount of information you can record
  • how to flesh out your journal "back in the lab"
Supplement a study of biodiversity with an activity drawn from this article about keeping a field journal.
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  7. students to this online article, or print copies of the article for them to read.
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2. Have students design a grid-like structure they can use to organize their observations on the pages of their field journal.

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