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Collection of resources for teaching keyboarding and typing skills.


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TEC.K-2.C/T K-2.1.1: Computer/Technology

Identify the computer as a machine that helps people at school, work, and play.

TEC.K-2.C/T K-2.1.2: Computer/Technology

Use technology to demonstrate the ability to perform a variety of tasks; among them turning on and off a computer, starting and closing programs, saving work, creating folders, using pull-down menus, closing windows, dragging objects, and responding to commands.

TEC.K-2.C/T K-2.2.1: Computer/Technology

Demonstrate the use of mouse, keyboard, printer, multimedia devices, and earphones.

TEC.K-2.C/T K-2.2.2: Computer/Technology

Use multimedia resources such as interactive books and software with graphical interfaces.

TEC.3-5.C/T 3-5.1.1: Computer/Technology

Discuss common uses of computers in their daily life and the advantages and disadvantages those uses provide.

TEC.3-5.C/T 3-5.1.2: Computer/Technology

Communicate about basic technology components with appropriate terminology.

TEC.3-5.C/T 3-5.2.1: Computer/Technology

Use skills and procedures needed to operate various technologies such as scanners, digital cameras and hand-held computers.

TEC.3-5.C/T 3-5.2.2: Computer/Technology

Identify basic software applications such as word processing, databases, and spreadsheets.

TEC.6-8.C/T 6-8.1.1: Computer/Technology

Describe how technology impacts learning.

TEC.6-8.C/T 6-8.1.2: Computer/Technology

Explore how software and hardware are developed to respond to the changing needs of technology.

TEC.6-8.C/T 6-8.1.3: Computer/Technology

Describe compatibility issues, between various types of technology.

TEC.6-8.C/T6-8.2.1: Computer/Technology

Understand that hardware and software have different operating systems that may affect their use.

TEC.6-8.C/T6-8.2.2: Computer/Technology

Use self-help features such as online tutorials and manuals to learn to use hardware and software.

TEC.9-12.C/T 9-12.1.1: Computer/Technology

Discuss the inherent advantages and limitations of technology.

TEC.9-12.C/T 9-12.1.2: Computer/Technology

Define the relationship between infrastructure, electronic resources, and connectivity.

TEC.9-12.C/T 9-12.1.3: Computer/Technology

Identify and describe the impact of new and emerging technologies and their applications.

TEC.9-12.C/T 9-12.2.1: Computer/Technology

Identify and resolve hardware and software compatibility issues.

TEC.9-12.C/T 9-12.2.2: Computer/Technology

Develop and communicate strategies for solving routine hardware and software problems.
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This is a 12 part resource. The first part is a vocabulary review in game form. Several games are offered with directions for each. Enrichment vocabulary is provided as well as vocabulary for Tuck Everlasting. Lesson plans and activities are presented to develop and build vocabulary. An excellent lesson on English cognates is provided for 9th grade students. Some activities are links from ReadWriteThink and include lessons on verbs, tired words, ABC books and ELL vocabulary building in reading and writing.

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