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Saudi monarch slowly expands women's rights.


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1.9.3: Indiana's Academic Standards Music

Identify some known musicians in the community or media.

1.9.3: Indiana Academic Standards for Visual Arts

Identify and use media and processes to express ideas, experiences, and stories including:DRAWING:Media: pencils, markers, chalks, crayons, oil pastelsProcesses: contour line, rendering, sketchingPAINTING:Media: tempera, watercolor, watercolor crayons; variety of brushes and paint applicatorsProcesses: brush techniques, wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, spongePRINTMAKING:Media: found objects, printing ink, styrofoam, stencilProcesses: stamping, monoprint, rubbings, stenciling, reliefCERAMICS:Media: modeling clay, clay substitutes, glazes, stains, paintProcesses: pinch and pulled forms, slab, coilSCULPTURE/ARCHITECTURE/JEWELRY:Media: paper, papier-mâché, clay, cardboard, wood, paper, foil, found objects, beads, wire, styrofoamProcesses: additive, subtractive, modeling, constructingFIBERS:Media: cloth, yarn, ribbon, found objectsProcesses: pulling threads, weaving, stitchery, tying, and wrapping techniquesMIXED MEDIA:Media: tissue, photos, found objects, foil, fiber, paint, paperProcesses: collage, bas-reliefNEW MEDIA:Media: computer, interactive computer programs, photography, film
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