This is an example of how to process a news material in linguistic manner with the aid of a permanent innovation (in this case the invention of the kitchen computer). The material includes four different exercises. First the student listens to the news about the invention of a kitchen computer and the reasons to why this - during the 60s - subversive idea never broke through. Then, the student moves on to the exercises based on that news item. The so called True or False - exercise is a listening comprehension exercise where you are to choose which statements from the news report are correct. The student chooses either” True” or” False” and can check his replies using the ”check” button. In the Lexitaire-excercise the student practices the central vocabulary of the news report, in the form of a so called vocabulary solitaire (lexitaire). To the left, there are English words that the student is to place/drag on top of the Swedish equivalents to the right. The words that are combined correctly disappear while the English mistakenly combined words return to their original places. In the Synonym Sweeper-exercise both vocabulary and text comprehension are practised. The student sees the news report as text. In the lower part of the screen there are squares where the student will drag the synonyms in the text to. The word that is placed on the correct synonym in the text disappears and the points in the point counter are increased. The sentence structure is practised through the Begin&End-exercise. On the screen there are five sentences whose beginning and end have been jumbled. The student's task is to form whole senses by arranging them so that beginning to the left and the end to the right fit together. The replies are checked using the Check-button and the score is shown on the screen. This many-faceted exercise illustrates how news can be used in a natural way when the different areas of a language are being practised.


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