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The Genetic Science Learning Center (http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/) is a great resource for my biology class. It makes learning about all topics surrounding genetics fun, easy to learn and understand. The site has information for teachers, lesson plans, worksheets and much more. For students it creates an interactive environment that supports the authentic learning of many topics surrounding genetics.


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On a scale of 0 to 3

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This simple 3 part resources provides instruction and practice for elementary students on direct and indirect quotations. First, a PowerPoint is provided which clearly explains the difference between quotations and explicitly teaches the kinds of punctuations needed. Next, two student worksheets are provided for practice and reinforcement of this skills. The first worksheet provides direct quotations and asks the student to rewrite them as indirect quotations; the second worksheet provides indirect quotations and asks the student to rewrite them as direct quotations. Both require proper punctuation.

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