Explanation of the activity:

This activity will help students learn to convert a vegetable lasagna recipe into serving sizes.


You will need a worksheet with the recipe and questions, one per student or group (or a transparency that has the recipe and questions). You will also need pencils.


  1. Explain to students that one way of finding out how many fruit and vegetable servings you get from a food is to convert the recipe into cups, since we know that one serving = one cup.
  2. Either individually, in groups or as a class, use the recipe on the worksheet to calculate how many servings of fruits and vegetables are in the recipe and then how many servings are in one serving size of the recipe. *The Summer Salad recipe is easier than the Vegetable Lasagna recipe. You may want to go through the Summer Salad recipe together as a whole class and then have the students work on the Vegetable Lasagna recipe individually or as homework.
  3. To calculate:

•Identify what ingredients in the recipe are fruits or vegetables.

•Convert the fruit and vegetable amounts into cups.

•Add the total number of cups of fruits and vegetables.

•Divide by the number of servings the recipe makes. Your answer is the number of cups of fruits and vegetables in one serving of the recipe.

•Explain to students that this method works best before you have the actual food in front of you, when you are getting ready to eat. You need to have a recipe to use this method.

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