Explanation of the activity:

This activity will help the students to determine which statements regarding nutrition, physical activity and tobacco prevention are facts or opinions.



  1. Have the students gather in the center of the room.  Move all desks/tables out of the way so that there is an open area.  On one side of the room post the “FACT” sign.  On the other side of the room post the “OPINION” sign.
  2. Read a statement from the list provided.  Give the students 5-10 seconds to determine whether the statement was a fact or an opinion. Giving them a quick time limit will create a sense of urgency and get the kids moving. Further, it will show you what their immediate reaction is to statements heard in commercials.
  3. Tell them the correct answer and explain why it is either a fact or an opinion.
  4. Have the students return to the center of the room and repeat steps 2&3 until you’ve gone through the entire list.


List of statements

  1. A balanced diet means eating from all five food groups. (Fact)
  2. Fruit tastes better than vegetables. (Opinion)
  3. Smoking makes you look cool. (Opinion)
  4. A serving size is the amount of food suggested for one person at one time. (Fact)
  5. Fruit is the seed-bearing part of a plant. (Fact)
  6. Pretty woman wear make up. (Opinion)
  7. The best physical activity is jump rope. (Opinion)
  8. Exposure to secondhand smoke is dangerous. (Fact)
  9. Winter has the best sports. (Opinion)
  10. Eating breakfast is very important. (Fact)
  11. Boys are better at sports than girls. (Opinion)
  12. Video games are the best way to spend free time. (Opinion)
  13. Eating 5 to 9 fruits and vegetables will help you improve your health. (Fact)
  14. Physical activity will improve your cardiovascular health. (Fact)
  15. Being healthy is easy. (Opinion)


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