Explanation of the activity:

This activity, writing a personal contract, will help the students hold themselves accountable when trying to reach a goal.  After the lesson, students should fully understand how to make a personal goal and break the goal down into smaller steps.



1. Have the students fill out the personal contract, which is documentation that they have made a goal for themselves and that they are going to work hard to accomplish it.

2. Review each student’s goal. Make sure that the goal is attainable.  Likewise, make sure that each student’s goal is challenging.

3. It is also important to make sure that the students’ goals are positive, no one should have a goal of losing weight or anything else that would be considered negative.  If a student does have a goal that is negative, work with them to redefine their goal to make it positive, or completely change the goal. Here is an example:


Goal: To lose ten pounds

Revised Goal: to begin eating a balanced diet and walking my dog every day to get more exercise.


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