Explanation of the activity:

This activity will help students to learn ways they can increase their self esteem by keeping themselves clean.



Discuss with students the importance of hygiene.  Define each hygienic practice, discuss the purpose of each, and describe the appropriate way to accomplish each task. 


  • Brush teeth –Using a toothbrush and toothpaste, move the brush along the top, bottom, front and back of your teeth for at least two minutes. Brush your teeth two times a day. Brushing your teeth helps remove food and germs that stick to your teeth after eating. It also freshens your breath.            
  • Take bath- Fill your bathtub with warm water. Sit in the tub with your washcloth and soap and scrub your whole body, then rinse off the soap. Take a bath or shower at least every other day. Taking a bath washes the germs off your skin keeping you clean and smelling nice.
  • Brush hair- Using a hairbrush or comb place the brush in your hand and pull gently down. Repeat this on all of your hair. Brushing your hair keeps it clean and free of knots and tangles.                                 
  • Take shower- Using warm water, soap, and a washcloth, scrub and soap your whole body, then rinse off. Take a shower or bath at least every other day. Taking a shower washes the germs off your skin and keeps you clean and smelling nice.
  • Change clothes – Put on a new clean set of clothes including socks and underwear every day. Changing your clothing keeps you smelling nice.                      
  • Wear deodorant- Using a stick or spray deodorant, put a little under each arm. Do this every morning and before you play sports. Wearing deodorant keeps you from sweating and makes you smell nice.
  • Clean ears – To clean your ears put some soap and warm water on a washcloth. Gently rub the washcloth on the outside of your ears. Do NOT stick the washcloth inside your ear. Also wash behind your ears. Do this once a day. This helps keep germs out of your ears.                          
  • Wash face – Using a washcloth, soap, and warm water scrub your face. Do this every day. Washing your face takes the oil and dirt off it so your skin is soft.
  • Floss - Wrap a few inches of floss around your pointer fingers. Place the floss between each of your teeth and gently rub it against your teeth. You should floss once a day. Flossing removes the plaque and germs from between your teeth that brushing misses.
  • Wash feet –Using a washcloth, soap, and warm water scrub the tops and bottoms of your feet and in between your toes. Wash your feet once a day during your bath or shower. Cleaning your feet keeps them smelling nice and germ free.  
  • Wash hair – Using shampoo and warm water lather and scrub your hair. Rinse the shampoo out with warm water. Do this at least twice a week. Washing your hair keeps it clean and not greasy.                                           
  • Wash hands Using soap and warm water lather your hands by rubbing them together. Rub them together under the warm water for at least 15 seconds (the time it takes to sing “Happy Birthday”.  Washing your hands removes germs and helps you to stay healthy.


Have students circle typical personal hygiene practices in the word find below.

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