Learning Activity: Scavenger Hunt


View the Teacher’s Key. Create clues that can be attached to surfaces throughout the classroom. On the back of the clues, write the information contained in the suggested exercise category. Provide dictionaries to each group. Optional: Using colored paper, copy the Student Group Scavenger Hunt Worksheet on red, blue, green, and yellow paper.


Use the student worksheets as a homework assignment instead of a classroom activity and have each student complete the worksheet.


  • Student Group Scavenger Hunt Worksheet
  • Teacher Scavenger Hunt Activity Worksheet Key
  • Dictionary


    1. Hide clues throughout the classroom for students to find.
    2. Divide students into groups and give each group a red, blue, green, or orange student group scavenger worksheet and a dictionary. The color coded worksheets have a theme connected with the clues. The red worksheet organizes the clues by listing the muscles from head to toe. The blue worksheet lists muscles from toe to head. The green worksheet lists the muscles in alphabetical order, and the yellow worksheet lists the anatomical names for the muscles in alphabetical order. Therefore, each color coded worksheet will have a different starting clue so teams can start at different points. This will prevent competing group members from copying from each other.
    3. Instruct students to follow the directions outlined on the Student Scavenger Hunt Worksheet
    4. Students should identify the answer for the first clue. Then, the students will search for clues throughout the classroom until they are ultimately led to the grand prize. The grand prize could include extra-credit or a purchased gift for the winning team
    5. In order to win the grand prize, each team must have the name of the muscle, anatomical name of the muscle, the location of the clue, and the exercise that was attached to the clue listed in the correct order on the worksheet. Students will use the dictionary to look up the anatomical muscle name.

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