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LA.1.A.1.1: Language Arts

Read from left to right, top to bottom.

LA.1.A.1.2: Language Arts

Track print as text is being read.

LA.1.A.1.3: Language Arts

Recognize the difference among letters, words, and sentences.

LA.1.A.4.2: Language Arts

Discuss unfamiliar oral and/or written vocabulary after listening to or reading texts.

LA.1.A.4.4: Language Arts

Classify categories of words.

LA.1.C.1.1: Language Arts

Listen attentively and ask questions for clarification and understanding.

LA.1.C.1.2: Language Arts

Give, restate, and follow simple two-step directions.

LA.1.C.2.5: Language Arts

Relate an important life event or personal experience in a simple sequence.

LA.1.C.3.1: Language Arts

Show respect and consideration for others in verbal and physical communications.

LA.1.C.3.2: Language Arts

Make contributions in group discussions.

SCI.1.PI.2.1: Science

Classify a set of simple objects, familiar organisms, and/or observable events by observable properties.

SCI.1.PI.2.2: Science

Arrange simple objects, familiar organisms, and/or observable events in a serial order (e.g., least to greatest, tallest to shortest).

SCI.1.PI.4.3: Science

Communicate the results of a simple investigation using drawings, tables, graphs, and/or written and oral language.
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