Learning Activity: Weekend Activity Book


Explanation of Activity:

Seventy six (76) percent of elementary school girls and Twenty six (26) percent of boys cannot do one chin up; therefore, this activity will help students identify high energy activities that will improve strength and endurance.



  • Paper on which to write an outline
  • Construction paper or the “My Weekend Activity Book”
  • Staples, glue or yarn and paper punch (to bind the book)
  • Markers, pens, art supplies



To create a “My Weekend Activity Book”, fold 3 sheets of construction paper in half and staple or bind in the middle to make a booklet for each student. Then, label the pages in the booklet in the following order:

                  - Saturday Morning

                  - Saturday Afternoon

                  - Saturday Evening

                  - Sunday Morning

                  - Sunday Afternoon

                  - Sunday Evening

You may wish to have the students do this preparation themselves.


Note to Teacher: This lesson should be done on a Monday, as it involves recalling and recording the past weekend’s activities. Doing the lesson later in the week will make it much more difficult for students to be able to recall and record their weekend activities accurately.



1.      Before the students begin writing in their books, have them create an outline to organize their thoughts. The outline should include the time of the day (morning, afternoon or evening) and what activity they did. Most likely the students did more than one thing during each specified time frame.  Encourage them to recall what they did the majority of the weekend.  (If it is difficult for them to remember, ask them to identify the activities that stick out in their minds.)

2.      Using their outlines, have each student write at least two sentences about what they did during the specified time period for each page of the book.

3.      After students have completed the “My Weekend Activity Book,” allow them to illustrate their books and share them with the class in small groups or in pairs.

4.      Allow students to look through their books while having the following discussion. Do you think your weekend activities were mostly high-energy or low-energy?  Do you think you could have been more active?  If so, what are some ways you can be more active and do more high-energy activities?  What are some benefits to being active and doing at least one high-energy activity per day?

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