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Using a 1-100 (10 x10) Number Chart on paper, students create their own Times Tables by pointing,counting, and coloring the numbered boxes. This creates simple geometric color patterns that enable students to learn, predict, and prove arithmetic calculations and "families" of numbers. Students actually create their own "Math Tools for Fun at School"…


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SOC.4.1: Social Studies

Use map and globe skills to determine absolute locations (latitude and longitude) of places studied.

SOC.4.2: Social Studies

Interpret a map using information from its title, compass rose, scale, and legend.

SOC.4.3: Social Studies

Observe and describe national historic sites and describe their function and significance.

SOC.4.4: Social Studies

Give examples of the major rights that immigrants have acquired as citizens of the United States (e.g., the right to vote, and freedom of religion, speech, assembly, and petition).

SOC.4.5: Social Studies

Give examples of the different ways immigrants can become citizens of the United States.

SOC.4.6: Social Studies

Define and give examples of natural resources in the United States.

SOC.4.7: Social Studies

Give examples of limited and unlimited resources and explain how scarcity compels people and communities to make choices about goods and services, giving up some things to get other things.
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On a scale of 0 to 3

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This resource links to Edutopia and then on to a Picasa Web Album where pictures of the activity and some directions/questions are provided. The activity uses a 10x10 number chart and has students color number families to look for patterns. The pictures are neat and easy to understand. There are some instructions and suggestions for altering the activity. This activity will require significant input from the teacher in order meet the objective of learning, predicting and proving arithmetic calculations.

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