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This lesson is the first in a larger unit on the Great Depression. In this unit, students will be focusing on determining importance; summarizing; making predictions; recognizing plot structure; and identifying flashbacks, foreshadowing and setting. Wherever possible, mini-lesson texts relate to American life in the 1930s, and all students will be reading literature circle novels set during this time period in American history. In today's lesson, students have the opportunity to explore the unit calendar and syllabus. They will then begin work on a WebQuest project that will build their background knowledge in preparation for this unit. Inside this folder, you will find a detailed lesson plan, a "Please Do Now" for use with students, and the WebQuest project that students will complete this week. This resource is part of the Great Depression Unit collection.


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SOC.7-8.9.II.1: Social Studies

To understand the economic, political, and social impacts of the Great Depression on the United States

SOC.7-8.9.II.2: Social Studies

To understand the economic, political, and social changes that took place in the world during the 1930s

SOC.7-8.9.II.3: Social Studies

To explain how societies and nations attempt to satisfy their basic needs and wants by utilizing scarce capital, natural, and human resources

SOC.7-8.9.II.4: Social Studies

To understand how scarcity requires people and nations to make choices that involve costs and future considerations

SOC.7-8.9.II.5: Social Studies

To evaluate economic data by differentiating fact from opinion and identifying frames of reference

SOC.7-8.9.II.6: Social Studies

To develop conclusions about economic issues and problems by creating broad statements that summarize findings and solutions
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