Fraction Operations
Step 1: Using pattern blocks
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Have you ever used pattern blocks to think about fractions? This exploration will show you how!

Step 2: Multiplying fractions
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Now that you are familiar with pattern blocks, you can use them to multiply fractions and whole numbers.

As you work on this exploration, think about what you already know about how whole number multiplication works.

How is multiplying fractions different than multiplying whole numbers? How is it the same?

Step 3: Dividing fractions
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In this final exploration, you will use the pattern blocks to learn how to divide fractions.

How is dividing fractions different than dividing whole numbers? How is it the same? What strategies

Step 4: e-Notebook

Here are your e-Notebook questions for this lesson. Your teacher may ask you to work on this assignment in class, or it may be a part of your homework.

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