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In this lesson, students will examine "Common Sense" and "The Crisis, No. 1" to discuss the themes of the American Revolution and the purpose of pamphlets and political activism. This lesson should take three 90-minute class periods or six 50-minute class periods.


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  • Grade 11
  • Grade 12


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On a scale of 0 to 3

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This lesson discusses the notion of ’Earth’s Carrying Capacity’ by modeling birth and death rates. The notion that if more people are born in a region than die, the population will increase is modeled using colored water. At the end of the lesson, students are asked to observe that rising population means that the population will increase.
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This resource received a 3* rating because it is part of American Literature, which received a rating of 3-Exemplary in the Curriki Review System and which you can see here:…

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