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This lesson is the first in a larger unit on World War II and the Holocaust. Our shared text for this unit is Elie Wiesel's Night. Students will also be working in literature circles, however, to read books from this period on their own. Our strategy focus is writing responses to short-answer questions. Students will also discuss propaganda, audience, purpose, and point of view. In today's lesson, students differentiate between bandwagon and repetition propaganda through an examination of both Nazi propaganda and modern-day advertisements. In this folder, you will find a detailed lesson plan, editable student worksheet, and overhead transparencies of student notes and advertisements. This resource is part of the World War II and the Holocaust Unit collection.


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LA.7.2.1: English Language Arts

Establish and adjust purposes for reading, including to find out, to understand, to interpret, to enjoy and to solve problems.

LA.7.2.2: English Language Arts

Predict or hypothesize as appropriate from information in the text, substantiating with specific references to textual examples that may be in widely separated sections of text.

LA.7.2.3: English Language Arts

Make critical comparisons across text, noting author's style as well as literal and implied content of text.

LA.7.2.4: English Language Arts

Summarize the information in texts, using key ideas, supporting details and referencing gaps or contradictions.

LA.7.2.5: English Language Arts

Select, create and use graphic organizers to interpret textual information.

LA.7.2.6: English Language Arts

Answer literal, inferential, evaluative and synthesizing questions to demonstrate comprehension of grade-appropriate print texts and electronic and visual media.

LA.7.2.7: English Language Arts

Monitor own comprehension by adjusting speed to fit the purpose, or by skimming, scanning, reading on, looking back, note taking or summarizing what has been read so far in text.

LA.7.2.8: English Language Arts

Use criteria to choose independent reading materials (e.g., personal interest, knowledge of authors and genres or recommendations from others).

LA.7.2.9: English Language Arts

Independently read books for various purposes (e.g., for enjoyment, for literary experience, to gain information or to perform a task).
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Maz Khan

Wow.....Such an organised unit. I am teaching literature and this unit is very significant for the book; The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Thank you for an excellent resource!!!

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