CONSONANTS and VOWELS in speaking:

When you put one part of the mouth on or near another part of the mouth, you are making a consonant sound. When you do not do this, you are making a vowel sound.

CONSONANTS and VOWELS in spelling:

  • the letters a e i o always show a vowel sound (or part of it).

  • the letter u usually shows a vowel sound (or part of it) - under, sound - but, at the beginning of a word, it can sometimes show a consonant sound - use, university.

  • the letters w and y show a consonant sound at the beginning of a word - with, young - but a vowel sound at the end - grow, happy.

  • the other letters in the alphabets are always consonants.


In every word with more than one part, one part of the word usually sounds stronger than the other part. This strong part is called stress:

before, manage, enter, develop, prefer

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