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Students will be asked to create a Writing Portfolio that must include at least four writing entries. The entries may come from the previous lessons and can include lesson reviews and journal assignments. The writing portfolio is divided into four different categories labeled Reflective Writing, Personal Expressive Writing, Literary Writing and Trans-active Writing. Each student is responsible for selecting at least one writing sample for each category. Some examples include:

Type of Writing



Reflective Writing

To Drink or Not to Drink, The Importance of Water, Stretching, Healthy Alternatives to Smoking

Culminating personal experience

Personal Expressive Writing

Active Every Day, Making Healthy Choices in Restaurants

Memoir, personal narrative

Literary Writing

Talking to Peers about Tobacco, Snack Math, Advertising Food and Drink

Short story, poem, script

Trans-active Writing

Advertising Food and Drink, Cardiovascular Health, Community Physical Activity Options,

Breakfast, Secondhand Smoke, Talking to Peers about Tobacco, Food is our Energy Source and More

Business letter, review, written speech, proposal, fitness program, handbook, guide, instructions, manual, pamphlet, consumer information, and memo

Note to Teacher: Students may have difficulty deciding which writing sample they would like to include in their portfolio. If this occurs, inform the student that s/he may use more than one writing sample, but they must include one writing example from each category.

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