Lasting Ideas & Results:

(1) What is a rational number?
(2) What are integers?
(3) Visualizing fractions as part of a whole

Essential Question(s):
(1) How do numbers relate to one another?
(2) How do you rank fractions?
(3) How do you solve absolute value problems?

Desired Learner Outcomes:

Students will be able to…Students will know…
(1) Use a number line to answer simple problems(1) The definition of integers and rational numbers
(2) Visualize fractions(2) The physical relation of fractions on a number line
(3) Rank fractions 
(4) Find the opposite of a given number or equation 
(5) Solve simple absolute value equations 

Click the link below to access the Rational Numbers Video.
May be used as a whole-class lesson. May also ask students to view as homework, classwork, small group work.

Rational Numbers Video

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