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Assignment #1: 'Briefly describe a lesson where I plan to use technology' Being situated in Darnestown, Maryland, in close proximity to Washington, D.C. affords our students the unique opportunity to learn abour this great city, first-hand. While it is logistically convenient to visit D.C., and although we will continue to do so, I can see how 'technologizing' our study of one aspect of this unit, Landmarks of D.C., can enhance our information-gathering and reporting phase. ''Based on tips (given in video) describe 3 to 5 ways to add technology-zing to the lesson' 'KNOW YOUR CONTENT' Having taught this curriculum for several years now and as a long time resident of D.C. and having taken third graders on field trips into D.C. I have an abundance of information, acquired over a period of time and feel confident delivering instruction in this unit of study. 2. KNOW YOUR RESOURCES AND HOW TO FIND THEM: Resources for the study of D.C. Landmarks are varied and plentiful. D.C. is a veritable collection of landmarks, buildings, statues and memorials. Internet, library field trips, digital recordings and videos provide several avenues for information gathering. 3. GET THE GEAR: Most students these days, even third graders who would be the students of this Social Studies unit, know how to operate basic tech. instruments, cell phones, digital cameras and videos. Use of such instruments to record and promote information ought to prove to be an interesting, productive strategy for learning. 4. GETTING TO THE LESSON: I look forward to introducing this unit of study on Landmarks in D.C. to a new group of students in the Fall, a unit with which I have become quite comfortable teaching over the years. It will be exciting and interesting to introduce it in a 'technologized' state. 5. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE: Having served in the position of Mentor Teacher, supporting the teaching staff this year, I will be able to share what I have learned from two aspects, one of implementing what I learn via this course and the other, sharing specifics about how to technologize this particular unit of study on Landmarks of D.C.


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