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This lesson was created for 3rd graded art class. It teaches the student to research a a topic, answer questions, and then do an activity based on what they learned. They will be able to use this in future classes, not just art. This lesson is about researching 2 abstract artists, Elizabeth Hack and Devin Abrams. The students go to a web page provided and are to answer questions given to them on a worksheet. They will be put into groups of two and one student sill research one artist and the other student will research the other. There are also questions on the worksheet which need to be answered by both students which gives them a chance to work together. This lesson reflects intrapersonal intelligence by having the student learn about a type of painting and having them go inside themselves to create their own abstract painting based on what they have learned. The applying cognitive level is addressed by having the student apply what they have learned to their own painting. They will illustrate what they have learned about abstract painting and apply it.


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This asset is an interesting project where students work together to plan a trip to a South American country. They must research costs for all aspects of the trip as well as find key historical sites in the country. The group of students must then create a poster board that covers all aspects of the cost of the trip and what they did while they were in the country. It should be noted that there is a reference to an individual presentation but details are not included. There is, however, a rubric for the entire project. This type of project could be used in a upper elementary or middle school social studies class or when discussing a particular country or area of the world.

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