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This lesson was developed as an exercise for students to learn skills that may need to be used in the future when planning for a family or vacation. This lesson involves planning a vacation to South America. The students will need to follow the guidelines and stay within a budget to complete the project accurately. The students are required to pick a country in south America to which they would like to travel to. They will then be asked to book a hotel and find airfare that stays within their budget. This will teach them responsibility and money saving skills. They will also be required to plan an educational itinerary. They need to visit three places during their stay that offer some kind of historical background. The multiple intelligence that will be used for this activity would be intrapersonal intelligence and logical-mathematical intelligence. The students will need to work for themselves but they will also need to use their problem solving skills when attempting to stay within their budget. The cognitive levels that are addressed are understanding because the student will need to explain why they chose different things, evaluating because they will need to state why they chose to do different things, and creating because they will need to create this vacation as a requirement for this project.


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This asset is an interesting project where students work together to plan a trip to a South American country. They must research costs for all aspects of the trip as well as find key historical sites in the country. The group of students must then create a poster board that covers all aspects of the cost of the trip and what they did while they were in the country. It should be noted that there is a reference to an individual presentation but details are not included. There is, however, a rubric for the entire project. This type of project could be used in a upper elementary or middle school social studies class or when discussing a particular country or area of the world.

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