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Gr. 6-8 / Ages 11-13 Life follows natural cycles. Look around and you'll see plants, animals and people in various stages of their lives. In our world, living things grow, change, age and die. Pokémon can model a similar type of change and growth. As Pokémon gain experience and grow stronger, they may change form - they may evolve. In the Pokémon world, Chimchar may evolve into Monferno and ultimately Infernape. Stars, too, change and grow. Following certain patterns, stars form, change their form and die. The cycle of life continues as satellites and telescopes capture images of stars at birth, in old age, and in death. In this lesson, students compare various life cycles. They gather information about stars and their life cycle through Internet sources and by analyzing charts and diagrams. Working as a team, students develop a PowerPoint presentation or Web page to visualize a Sun-like star's life cycle. They compare our Sun's life cycle to the life cycle of massive stars and join with other students around the world in a star count project.


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