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SCI.K-3.11.A.1a: Science

Describe an observed event.

SCI.K-3.11.A.1b: Science

Develop questions on scientific topics.

SCI.K-3.11.A.1c: Science

Collect data for investigations using measuring instruments and technologies.

SCI.K-3.11.A.1d: Science

Record and store data using available technologies.

SCI.K-3.11.A.1e: Science

Arrange data into logical patterns and describe the patterns.

SCI.K-3.11.A.1f: Science

Compare observations of individual and group results.

SCI.K-3.11.B.1a: Science

Given a simple design problem, formulate possible solutions.

SCI.K-3.11.B.1b: Science

Design a device that will be useful in solving the problem.

SCI.K-3.11.B.1c: Science

Build the device using the materials and tools provided.

SCI.K-3.11.B.1d: Science

Test the device and record results using given instruments, techniques and measurement methods.

SCI.K-3.11.B.1e: Science

Report the design of the device, the test process and the results in solving a given problem.
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