In this assignment the students will be collaborating to find out specific aspects of Renaissance life. They will be paired into groups of 4 and each will be responsible for a different aspect of life in the Renaissance. One will be in charge of learning about fashion and clothing styles, another will take the aspect of travel, another will take the working aspect, the final student will be in charge of political restraints and everyone will add a little bit of information about leisurely activities and domestic life. By finding out this information you will be able to create a 20 minute max. skit to perform in front of the class. The setting will be the market place where all members will meet up. They will be dressed, as best they can provide, in Renaissance dress, and will discuss what they learned regarding travel, working, politics and everyday life chit chat. (This description and lesson plan is based on the Renaissance time period, other groups in the class will be responsible for other time periods)


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Renaissance Change Over Time



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This webquest is intended to guide students through the process of first researching different aspects of life during the Renaissance and then synthesizing the information to create a skit that is presented to the class. The lesson idea is engaging and appropriate for teaching the content, however, the resource is missing some key elements that would be necessary to implement the activity. For example, a graphic organizer and a more extensive list of relevant websites would benefit students as they conduct research on their assigned topic and written guidelines for the skit assignment are necessary to help students as they put together their skits.
Janet Pinto
July 11, 2011

This resource is nicely done! Have you modified it in any way since you uploaded it?

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