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Description: Students choosing this project will research a man or woman who has made a significant difference in the life of the community or nation. This person could have performed heroic service in the military, or in fighting crime, or in helping others during the period 1900-1950. Marion, Indiana, like the surrounding communities of Muncie, Kokomo, and Anderson were representative of the boom and bust cycles of the first half of the last century. During this era, Marion experienced the full range of problems facing industrial America. This project has students choose an area resident of at least fifty years ago who made a great effort to deal with those issues, research the individual’s history and significance to Marion/Grant County. Project Goals: • Students will produce original media presentations as part of their projects in order to make the results of their research available to the public • Students will produce original projects that demonstrate mastery of advanced research skills. • Student projects and media presentations will demonstrate a high level of understanding of the history of the arts in the first half of the twentieth century as reflected in specific institutions and individuals in Marion, Indiana. Resources: • Marion Public Library Indiana Room. Vertical files and newspaper microfilm • Internet Resources • Books and periodicals Procedures: • Students will identify local person for research. • Research topic will be approved by Mr. Munn. • Student will begin information collection. Please note that all information will be placed in a notebook and turned in with the project. • Students will prepare a three to five page paper according to the MLA style, in body citation. • Students will include photos whenever possible. These will be placed in an appendix. • Students will prepare and include in the final product, a bibliography of works used in preparation of the paper. • Students will carefully edit the project. • The project will be word processed using 12point font. • The paper will be presented in a three ring notebook in sheet protectors. • Students will prepare PowerPoint presentation of their project to accompany an oral presentation of their work. • Students will post projects to wikimarion.org.


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