The spontaneous (indigenous, arising from thermal energy stimulus) magnetization of a square atomic lattice comprised of two sub-lattices is tracked by way of its electron spin energy, from full initial spin alignment and maximum negative lattice spin energy, through various phases of magnetization and their spin energies, back to maximum negative spin energy with full initial spin alignment in the opposite direction from that at the beginning. The system achieves magnetization as a function of both the relative initial spin density of the two spins, and time--macroscopic magnetization is observed after an initial transient period, wherein the spin densities, as depicted by the bar-chart, move toward parity for a given relative initial spin density setting greater than ~0.01, or less than ~0.99. The bar-chart quantifies the electron spins relative to the spin down/up domain-level picture of the atomic lattice below it; a textual description of the present state of the system is shown above the bar-chart (a right-pointing arrow in that text means "directed toward"). The degree of disparity between the bars of the bar-chart gives a rough indication of the strength of the intrinsic magnetic field attending the macroscopic magnetization that is realized after the transient period. The computation behind the animation strictly enforces local energy conservation in such a way that spins are only allowed to switch states if doing so introduces no local (automaton neighborhood) energy imbalance, which in turn ensures a minimal energy lattice configuration commensurate with maximum separation of spin-charge and its associated spatial symmetry.


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