This unit will introduce students to magnets. It will provide an overview of what a magnet is, what kinds of objects are magnetic, and how magnets are used in everyday life. Students will participate in hands-on activities, using the scientific process to discover answers to their questions about magnets. Lessons include: Lesson #1: What do we Know about Magnets? Lesson #2: Are you Magnetic? (Part 1) Lesson #3: Are you Magnetic? (Part 2) Lesson #4: Magnetic Force Field Lesson #5: The Strength of a Magnet Lesson #6: Exploring Magnetic Poles (Part 1) Lesson #7: Exploring Magnetic Poles (Part 2) Lesson #8: The Power of Magnets Lesson #9: Making a Magnetic Compass Lesson #10: Compass Treasure Hunt Lesson #11: Unit Review and Final Evaluation Unit Resources include: Vocabulary Cards No Magnets Sign KWL Chart Are You Magnetic? Magnetic Force Field The Strength of a Magnet Exploring Magnetic Poles The Power of Magnets Compass Treasure Hunt Magnet Assessment


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Christine Mytko
August 4, 2009
Well organized and clear. This resource will revitalize my current 2nd grade unit on magnets!

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