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To familiarize students with basic lab skills, as well as integrate math into science, we begin this unit with two hands on laboratory activities. Students will learn the techniques of massing objects, measuring volume and displacement, and identifying the meniscus of a liquid. The difference between mass and weight is addressed, and demonstrated through the use of differences in gravity on other planets. Finally, students will design an experiment to determine the volume of a paperclip.


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  • Grade 6
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In this 10 day unit, middle school students (grades 6 – 8) will use a variety of activities to investigate mass and volume, including an Oreo cookie lab that promises to be engaging for these preteens! Students will study the meniscus and displacement, mass versus weight, and the volume formulas of various shapes. The unit culminates in a student-designed experiment to find the volume of a paper clip. This resource includes references to national (USA) standards, a rationale, suggested cross-curricular integration ideas, and a detailed procedure, as well as all notes and handouts necessary for each activity, although the unit could benefit from included answer keys. Lab activities stress data collection and analysis throughout. This resource also includes a form for peer review of student lab reports, a final project assessment, and an end-of-unit reflection. This unit requires minimal set-up and can be immediately in the classroom.
Janet Pinto
June 13, 2016

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