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A Memory Map is a tool for generating personal stories. Students are asked to draw a map of a place they love. When the map is complete the point to places on the map that tell a story. They will find they have many stories to tell. One story is chosen to focus in on to develop a beginning, middle, and end to a personal story. This is a script of how to create a memory map to stimulate ideas for personal narrative writing. This resource is part of the Personal Narrative collection.


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On a scale of 0 to 3

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This simple lesson is designed to encourage students to write personal narrative. Each student is asked to draw a detailed map of a place he or she loves. The memory map acts as a stimulus for the student to tell a personal story of what happened in that place. The teacher models this lesson and tells a personal story with a beginning, middle and end. Students partner and share their maps and stories. Ultimately, students choose one story about which to write a personal narrative. This highly effective exercise has been part of the National Writing Project.

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