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This collection offers lesson plan aids for 19 popular books, part of Merit Software's "Book Punch" which guides students through the steps of thinking and writing about well-known core literature. Students write paragraphs responding to interactive writing prompts. The program tutors students to develop ideas and organize their thinking about what they have read.


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LA.1-3.LS-F1: Language Arts (Listening and Speaking)

Use effective vocabulary and logical organization to relate or summarize ideas, events and other information

LA.1-3.LS-F2: Language Arts (Listening and Speaking)

Give and follow multiple-step directions

LA.1-3.LS-F3: Language Arts (Listening and Speaking)

Prepare and deliver information by generating topics; identifying the audience; and organizing ideas, facts or opinions for a variety of speaking purposes such as giving directions, relating personal experiences, telling a story or presenting a report

LA.1-3.VP-F1: Language Arts (Listening and Speaking)

Recognize different types of visual media

LA.1-3.VP-F2: Language Arts (Listening and Speaking)

Plan and present a report, using two or more visual media

LA.1-3.VP-F3: Language Arts (Listening and Speaking)

Access, view and respond to visual forms such as computer programs, videos, artifacts, drawings, pictures and collages

LA.1-3.VP-F4: Language Arts (Listening and Speaking)

Interpret visual clues in cartoons, graphs, tables and charts that enhance the comprehension of text
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