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This problem set is designed to give a basic understanding of some of the fundamental concepts of metabolism. The problems and tutorials should be used in conjunction with the lecture materials in your course for a more complete coverage of the material. Some of the questions will test for your understanding of the basic concepts of metabolism as applied to human biology.<p/> Instructions: The following problems have multiple choice answers. Correct answers are reinforced with a brief explanation. Incorrect answers are linked to tutorials to help solve the problem. <p/> <p>1. Glucose Conversion</p> <p>2. Products of Glycolysis</p> <p>3. Trematol</p> <p>4. Dinitrophenol</p> <p>5. Effect of pH on Mitochondria</p> <p>6. Lactic Acid Production</p> <p>7. Pyruvate/ Lactate Ratio</p> <p>8. Mitochondria</p> <p>9. Electron Transport Chain</p> <p>10. Acidity During Electron Transport</p> <p>11. Fermentation</p> <p>12. Hexokinase</p> <p>13. Storing Usable Energy</p> <p>14. Terminal Electron Acceptor</p> <p>15. Metabolism During Heart Attack</p> <p>16. ATP Production</p> <p>17. ATP synthase</p>


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student-facing metabolism Glucose Conversion Products Glycolysis Trematol Dinitrophenol pH Mitochondria Lactic Acid Pyruvate/ Lactate Electron Acidity Fermentation Hexokinase Energy ATP synthase



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