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7x7 Presentation of Mobile Apps for Learning


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Isabella Jebian
October 23, 2011

I really liked the beginning of the video how you showed the example of a student using an app. I think this idea could've been continued throughout the presentation.

From then on it was just a couple slides up for a long time each. The narrator's voice was also very slow and pretty lacking of any sort of enthusiasm. These together made me uninterested in the rest of the video, even though the content is very interesting.

Bhakti lata Roberto
October 23, 2011

I like the story of Simon and how he wanted to do a class project - the actual application of the learning technology. I like how you take live footage and transition it pretty seamlessly.

More music would've been nice, and the tone of voice was a little flat.

Yarelis Serrano
October 22, 2011

I really like the way that you speak slowly so that is easy to comprehend what you are saying and can hear the examples very clearly. The quality of the video is great, therefore, I can see everything very clearly. I also like that you used slides and pictures to add to your presentation, which makes it more interesting.
Although I really like that you speak slowly, sometimes the voice becomes monotone and does not make me feel excited about the topic, perhaps changing the tone of your voice might add even more to your presentation. There was also a lot of background noise that made distracting sometimes to hear what you were saying.

James Moore
October 16, 2011

Your video was very well constructed. I like the example in the beginning that showed
how you can use educational apps in a realistic setting. Explaining even more
examples was very persuasive. I also liked how the audio and animations flowed
together very smoothly.

I did find the audio voice to be a little monotone at times. Maybe using background music or varying voice tones can promote a more engaging experience. The ending of the video was a little confusing. The audio continued to talk about apps while the image
was signalling the end. I think it would have been more fluent to and an
additional slide to finish the audio before closing.

Julie Seifert
October 16, 2011

I liked the humor in the video, like when Simon takes the phone into the bathroom. Also, I thought you gave a lot of details, and at the end of the video I felt like I had a good idea of all the different uses of mobile apps. I especially liked the slides with text that laid everything out in a clear manner.

However, I thought you sounded a little robotic on the voice-over, and that made it hard to listen to. It was very monotone and boring. Also, some things could have been left out - like the details that Simon is able to do other things (like go to class) besides counting at the door. i didn't need to know that to know about mobile apps.

Kevin Hixon
October 15, 2011

I thought the actual example of the data project used in the video was entertaining and showed the actual usefulness of mobile apps. I also liked the wide variety of examples that were provided in the video and I also liked how the video explained just how varied these educational apps are.

I felt as though the speaker was just reading from a sheet of paper and found myself getting distracted and not really hearing what the speaker was saying. Adding a little inflection or practicing the lines beforehand may have helped greatly with this. The only other thing that bothered me was the length of time that the presentation would linger on some slides. I feel as though the slides stopped containing information relevant to what the speaker was saying and was just a placeholder until the next slide came up. Adding more slides or video relating to what the speaker was saying would have solved this problem.

Brett Stelmaszek
October 15, 2011

The demonstration of a specific example at the beginning of the video was a great way to show how mobile apps could potentially be used. Also, there was a nice amount of other resources listed that someone could use if they wanted to use mobile apps for learning.

The narration over the video was drawn out quite a bit and made it seem like you were really trying to stretch for the 5 min minimum. Also, the lack of background noise and high-pitch squeal of the microphone made the video a little difficult to sit and listen to.

Emily Hole
October 15, 2011

I liked that the video followed a story of how "Simon" used his mobile app for learning. It made the video more interesting to see how he used it. I also liked your use of intermittent slides to give viewers a "break" from the video.

I thought the narration might have been the weakest aspect of the video. The narrator had almost no emotion or expression and often talked too slowly, which made the video seem longer than it was. I also found it distracting that I could hear every time that the microphone cut in or out in addition to hearing a lot of background noises.

Elise Mark
October 15, 2011

I enjoyed your video and thought there were many good things about it. I liked you use of the story in the beginning. I also thought you effectively use PowerPoint in the presentation. Those few slides were definitely informative and effective.

2 things you could improve are the speed of the voice and the ending slide. I thought you were talking to slow and could have been a bit more enthusiastic-sounding. I also thought you could have ended with a little more of an interesting slide. It was kind-of the low point of the video.

Overall, good job!

Christen Downing
October 12, 2011

I liked how we got to follow the guy around in the video. It made the first half interesting.
I also enjoyed the fact that you delved into some examples in order to give more information instead of just a surface level presentation.

I wish we could have seen the iPhone more clearly.
The camera stayed on some of the slides for a while making it less interesting to stick with the lesson.

Kathleen Sewell
October 10, 2011

I really liked how you gave a specific example and then gave a wider variety examples of mobile apps. I also enjoyed the variety of ways you presented the information. This helped to keep me interested.

The video felt slow to me. I think the video would have been better if you added music. Also, I would have organized the video differently. I would have explained what a mobile app is before I launched into the examples.

Taylor LeCorgne
October 10, 2011

The video in the beginning is a great way to show how useful smart phones can be without having to actually explain
-the slides that other useful educational apps adds well to the video, and shows what neat things can be done with a smartphone
-video feels slow as the talking becomes repetitive
-showing how the other apps can be useful would improve on the video

Daniela Alvarado
October 9, 2011

I liked the examples of mobile apps, I had no idea apps could do all of that. I also liked the real like scenarios and examples throughout the video.

The tone of the narrator was monotone and it made it a little bit boring to watch the video. I didnt get the last slide. It was kind of an awkward ending.

Angelica Domenech
October 9, 2011

I liked the variations in the video between real life scenarios of Simon, to slides with information, and the angles used. I also liked how well the narration flowed throughout the video.

I found it somewhat annoying how we could hear the microphone cut on and off every time. The speed of the narrator was also a little slow, which I think affected the lack of inflection in her voice.

Monica Gonzalez
October 9, 2011

I like the mini story used to explain the use of mobile apps. I also liked being able to see lists since it would be hard to remember the items otherwise. You were able to give lots of useful information.

The video would be much more interesting if there was more inflection in the narrator's voice or if it didn't move along slowly. It might have also been better if there was engaging music in the background.

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