Grade: 7 and 8

Disciplines: English Language Arts (Writing)

Table of Contents:

  • Lesson 1: "Individual Responsibilities within a Community" (Grade 7)
  • Lesson 2: "Qualities of a Successful Person" (Grade 8)-by Vanessa Mills
Overarching Question: As lifelong learners, how can we improve and sustain the quality of our communities in an ever-changing world?
Essential Question: How Does Literacy Impact Our Quality of Life and Community?
Unit Summary: Students will be reflecting on their life experiences as well as determining the roles and qualities that will lead to success. This will lead them to question their goals for class as well as their personal goals.
Lesson 1: Students will review the writing process by thinking and writing about their responsibilities as a citizen

Lesson 2: Students will brainstorm and write about the qualities of a successful person

Suggested Time Allowance: 3 days
State Standards:

E2a- The student produces a report that: develops a controlling idea that conveys a perspective on the subject creates an organizing structure appropriate to purpose, audience, and context includes appropriate facts and details excludes extraneous and inappropriate information
E4a-The student demonstrates an understanding of the rules of the English language in written and oral work, and selects the structures and features of language appropriate to the purpose, audience, and context of the work
E4b-The student analyzes and subsequently revises work to clarify it or make it more effective in communicating the intended message or thought. The student’s revisions should be made in light of the purposes, audiences, and contexts that apply to the work.

Education for Sustainability Core Content Standards & Performance Indicators:
B1-Articulate the rights and responsibilities of democratic participation in both local and global contexts
B6- Demonstrate their awareness of human choices and their consequences, using their own choices as exemplars
I 22- Engage in goal setting/future envisioning 25- Determine the rights, roles and responsibilities associated with achieving success

Learning Outcomes/Standards:

  • What are the enduring understandings?
    • Our daily practices affect our surroundings.
    • We need to set goals for ourselves if we envision a better future.
    • Reading and writing empowers us to make changes.
  • What will students know?
  • terms like sustainability, productive, short-term goal, long-term goal, citizenship, ownership
  • three steps to become more active citizens
  • what are goals and how to establish them
  • What will students be able to do (performance tasks/evidence?
    • Identify responsibilities
    • Write an essay following the writing process
    • Evaluate personal choices
    • Brainstorm and write their academic and personal goals
Learning Opportunities Summary:

  • respond to assessment question through writing
  • participate in group activity
  • complete handout
Materials/Resources: lined paper, portfolio binders, writing rubrics, goal sheets, proofreading

Assessments: baseline writing, peer assessments


short-term goal

long -term goal





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