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"My First Physics Book" is written for parents who do not know about physics and who have children who ask a lot of questions relating to physics. Why do things fall to the earth? And why doesn't the moon fall? Why does the balloon stick to the wall like a magnet? Why do I get a shock sometimes when I touch the doorknob? What is electricity? and what is an electron? Why do magnet stick to each other and why do they repel? How big is an atom? How big is the sun? How big is our Galaxy? If you have children who ask such questions, you are fortunate. Hopefully this book will fire up their thinking to ask more questions about other fields. This book puts mechanisms to concepts like inertia and momentum, gravity, electricity and light and illustrates their characteristics. This short story introduces the atom, its electron and proton, and illustrates how they interact with each other. It shows how motion is relative and how motion of electrons causes electricity in wires and communication waves in air. It describes how magnets work and how size is also relative. It shows we are in the middle of the large range between the atom and the universe. All of these concepts take place in the context of a story. The story is about a boy who becomes charged emotionally when he loses his heart. On his quest to find his heart, he goes thru many electrifying adventures. He encounters others who have also lost their heart. At first repelled by them, he later joins them in his adventure to find his heart. The boy realizes that his heart was as well longing for him. Content again, the boy continues his journey thru the universe and discovers how vast it is and how small he is.


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On a scale of 0 to 3

This resource was reviewed using the Curriki Review rubric and received an overall Curriki Review System rating of 3, as of 2011-06-29.

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This is a wonderful free text on 7th grade mathematics. It covers decimals, fractions, and proportions deeply and interestingly. The illustrations are lovely; the pace is vigorous but calm; the path frequently circles back to re-cover material introduced earlier. I envy students who get to use this in 7th grade.

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