Many teachers have gained an understanding of what the Common Core State Standards are and are now asking for examples of how to teach to these standards.  America Achieves has released a new series of free videos that feature lesson videos and associated resources that are centered on teaching to the Common Core State Standards.  A unique feature of these videos is that each video has a time reference to segments in the video that highlight the shifts and deeper learning aspects that are being taught.  There are many videos for grades K-12.  The newest videos that have been released include: English Language Arts (Grade Level)Daisy Comes Home (K)Close Reading: The Case of the Strange Noise (1)Text Evidence to Support an Argument (3)Close Reading: I hear the Wail of Millions (10)Mathematics (Grade Level)2D Shapes (K)The Commutative Property (1)Comparing Fractions (4)  To access these resources:• Visit http://commoncore.americaachieves.org/ • If you already have an account, sign into your account.• If you do not have an account, sign up for a free account to access the common core resources.• Once you have signed up or logged in, you will be taken to a dashboard where you can select resources by subject and grade level.• Once you have entered this information, a list of resources that match your search criterion will appear.• Select one of the resources to view. The Lesson Module will appear with a description of the lesson, the standards that are being taught during the lesson, a reference that allows you to access a specific segment of the video that features specific key shifts, a list of resources, student work, and ideas and links. 


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