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This set of 30 problems targets the ability to distinguish between mass and weight, determine the net force from the values of the individual forces, relate the acceleration to the net force and the mass, analyze physical situations to draw a free body diagram and solve for an unknown quantity (acceleration or individual force value), and to combine a Newton's second law analysis with kinematics to solve for an unknown quantity (kinematic quantity or a force value). Problems range in difficulty from the very easy and straight-forward to the very difficult and complex. Includes audio-guided solutions.


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SCI.8.6.A: Science

demonstrate and calculate how unbalanced forces change the speed or direction of an object's motion;

SCI.8.6.C: Science

investigate and describe applications of Newton's law of inertia, law of force and acceleration, and law of action-reaction such as in vehicle restraints, sports activities, amusement park rides, Earth's tectonic activities, and rocket launches.
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