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Curriki Rating
On a scale of 0 to 3
On a scale of 0 to 3

This resource was reviewed using the Curriki Review rubric and received an overall Curriki Review System rating of 2, as of 2008-06-30.

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Technical Completeness: 2
Content Accuracy: 3
Appropriate Pedagogy: 3

Reviewer Comments:

The content presented here is sets of numbers (no real or irrational), prime & composite and divisibility. The CRT feels this would be great background information for any lesson presented from grade 3 through grade 9. Whether you are covering sets of numbers for the first time or introducing domain, possible answers to expect from a solution or divisibility this pdf file gives links for further resources and a cute history starter about counting sheep. There are some ‘Your Turn’ questions provided at the end of the document for possible classroom assessment.
lissynglen dune
October 3, 2008
Wow Bob, maybe you could use spell check when your describing your educational resources.

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