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Josh and Kristofer explain open ended response systems


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On a scale of 0 to 3

This resource was reviewed using the Curriki Review rubric and received an overall Curriki Review System rating of 1, as of 2011-11-01.

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Technical Completeness: 1
Content Accuracy: 2
Appropriate Pedagogy: 1

Reviewer Comments:

This lesson proves the theorem concerning cross multiplication of fractions. The proof is unexceptional but probably not accessible to 6th graders. The text itself is a problem, filled with misspellings. The author makes the statement that fractions are not numbers but rather functions. I don’t know what to make of this but it’s certainly terribly misleading.
Austyn Smith
November 5, 2011

This video had a good presentation in terms of an intro, tutorial, and the integrated funny videos added that Shakespearean humor effect. great explanations, however I felt it was a bit monotone. I bit of background music would have helped with that. other than that, I can see how this can easily be used in a classroom. good job

Thomas Morrell
October 19, 2011

I think this one was one of the more classroom-related topics. Anyone could easily see how this could be used in the classroom. Well done on explaining it as well.

The audio was a bit off but it was still really good. At certain points throughout the presentation I started to get a little bored, but the information was still interesting for the most part. Funny introduction. Next time try to do it in a silent room.

Tori Nelson
October 19, 2011

There were some wind noises in the intro and a couple of other parts of the video. But, you more than adequately explained how to use open ended response systems and how to implement them in the classroom. The audio was a bit monotonous at times, but my attention was kept by the comedic interludes. All in all, a great balance of information and attention getting gimmicks.

Allyson Fox
October 19, 2011

I was not familiar with this open ended response systems, and this video was very clear in explaining it. The video was clear enough that I can explain to someone else what this technology is. I also really enjoyed the comedy. It helped keep my attention.

A suggestion would be to improve the audio, but that's a simple technology issue that can easily be fixed. I would also vary the voices or people talking. At times, I found myself spacing out a little.

Emily Robertson
October 19, 2011

I thought you all did a great job of explaining how to use the open ended response system and how it can be used in a classroom.

I found the sound quality to be not so great in some parts of the video, and maybe try to sound a little more enthusiastic to keep viewers attention, but otherwise i thought the video was very good!

Rachel Miller
October 19, 2011

I thought that you guys did a really great job in giving clear directions on how to use open ended response systems. It's a topic that not many of us know about, so it was interesting to learn more.

In terms of improvement, I think the sound quality was lacking and the voices were very quiet. I also think the video was a little long.

nikki naylor
October 18, 2011

the video had a really good flow and the content was very informational. the only suggestions i would give would be about the audio. a little more tone in the speech would help viewers to stay focused. also some of the closeness to the mike and backround noise. overall very informative!

Rebecca Blitch
October 18, 2011

Great job relating this tool to education and how to use it. You also did a good job explaining everything.
For improvement, I would be a little more enthusiastic with your narrative. I also thought there were a few parts that were a little too long.
Great video!

Kyesia Shavers
October 18, 2011

The video started out pretty well. I thought the first images/clip was very humorous and helped to engage viewers from the start. Having no idea what this was before I watched the video you guys did a great job thoroughly explaining what open ended responses were.

My only suggestions would be that the video was very dull at some points. More lively tones would help keep the viewer engaged the entire time. Also there was an audio issue with the mic that needed to be cleared.

Overall it was a pretty good video.

Jessica Smith
October 18, 2011

I had never heard of this before and this video definitely sparked my interest and I hope some of my teachers will use this in the future. This video was well made and you explained a potentially complicated technology in a simple way.
I would have liked to see some more realistic classroom examples of discussion boards that are already in progress. Also, some of the videos and graphics were distracting at times.
Great video overall!

Abby Lindsley
October 18, 2011

I really liked learning about this type of technology and what it can do. I never had heard about Open Ended Response Systems before and you both did an excellent job explaining how to use it and it's purposes. I also like the humor you incorporated into the beginning of the video to keep me interested.

For improvement, I would work on the audio because at some points it was fuzzy and very hard to hear. Also, I would try to keep the audience engaged throughout the entire video instead of just at the beginning in order to keep the viewers entertained.

Rachel Wolf
October 18, 2011

I enjoyed learning about Open Ended Response Systems. I have never heard of this type of technology before, and I like how you described its usefulness in the classroom. Also, I think your step by step use of the technology was very informative.

The only other comment I have is the sound quality is a little fuzzy. But the video was really great!

Alison Schultheis
October 17, 2011

As a lot of people have said, I really liked the topic. I can see clearly how it can be used in a classroom. Also, I liked the funny little videos that y'all used. It helped to keep me engaged.

The only criticism I have is the sound quality was a little fuzzy in parts. But besides that, I thought it was a really good video! :)

danielle Nathan
October 17, 2011

I really like the topic. I know students really like to use this type of activity. I also like how you used fun little clips.
However, the sound was really poor which distracted me. As well as some of the image quality

Elisabeth Emery
October 15, 2011

I was a little confused at first what the video was talking about because the audio was of poor quality; however I did like the videos and photos at in the video. It really helped each your interest. I also really liked the ending.

Once I figured out what the tool was and how to use it I could definitely see how it could be used in the classroom. I am still confused, however, about how to get it started I wish you discussed a little more about how to get a discussion "campaign" started or set it up.

Amanda Harvie
October 13, 2011

Great job guys! I thought your video was very informative and comprehensive. I felt like I learned a lot and it was pretty cool.

The only things that needed improvement were the quality of the audio and the video needed to be more engaging throughout. Overall you guys did a really good job!

Alexandria Lewis
October 12, 2011

I enjoyed your topic of Open Ended responses. Just as others said, I can clearly see how this can be integrated into a classroom. This allows other students in the classroom to become actively involved in a discussion thread, etc. I also thought that your video was more or less comprehensive and thorough.

The only thing I would change is I would try to engage your audience a bit more with your video. I appreciated the humor at the beginning, but you have to remember you need to keep everyone's attention for an extended amount of time.

Brandon Beaudoin
October 11, 2011

Good explanation of things. I can see how this can be directly used in the classroom.
Criticism: The audio needs improvement. Try to engage the audience more.

Alyssa Prats
October 11, 2011

I see how this program can be used directly in classrooms. It's a pretty cool system. I also liked that you guys gave the downsides to using the technology instead of just the positives.

The sounds quality was a bit off, and I got bored in parts, but overall, great job!

Lexi Pomerance
October 11, 2011

I liked your topic because I think open ended response systems could really help to engage students. Your opening was humorous and engaging.

I would make the sound a little clearly because it had some background noise. I would also try to sound a little bit more enthusiastic to keep viewers entertained.

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