Learning about the world of marine biology through a well-organized set of images can be quite revealing, and this digital collection from the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology is just right for the job. The collection includes over 7,000 images donated through the decades by faculty, students, visiting faculty, and those with "a passion for the local Coos Bay marine environment and the Oregon coast." The oldest items here date from the 1920s and visitors will find dramatic images of marine organisms, along with aerial shots of different marine environments, maps, and charts. The homepage has a section titled Browse, which allows users to look around via topic, subtopic, genus, and common names. The common names area is a great way to look around, as it offers over 200 different animal names, such as albacore tuna and Pacific oyster. Moving on, the natural views section boasts over 700 images, including dramatic shots of the Oregon coastline near Coos Head.

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