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<html> <body> <div align="center" background="none"> <p><img alt="Panwapa Logo" src="http://www.curriki.org/xwiki/bin/download/Coll_Panwapa/PanwapaLogo/panwapa.gif" style= "width: 200px; height: 100px" usemap="#http://www.curriki.org/xwiki/bin/download/Coll_Panwapa/PanwapaLogo/panwapa.gif"> </p></div><p/> <p> Panwapa begins with our characters—featuring Azibo, the monster, Tungar the Tiger and many more—and their stories about how they learn to build a community on Panwapa Island. In this section, there are four stories (each approximately 8 minutes long), all designed to introduce and model skills needed for global citizenship. Following each story are a series of questions that you can use to stimulate a discussion with your students. This is a great way to introduce the imaginative world of Panwapa (go to www.panwapa.com for more Panwapa resources) designed to inspire and empower young children to become responsible global citizens. </p> <br /><p/> <div align="center"> <table background="none"> <tr> <td align="center">From the people behind</td> <td align="center">In partnership with</td> </tr> <tr> <td><img alt="Sesame Street Panwapa Logo" src="http://www.curriki.org/xwiki/bin/download/Coll_Panwapa/Picture1/Picture1.jpg" style="width: 130px; height: 45px" usemap="#http://www.curriki.org/xwiki/bin/download/Coll_Panwapa/Picture1/Picture1.jpg"></td> <td><img alt="Merrill Lynch Logo" src="http://www.curriki.org/xwiki/bin/download/Coll_Panwapa/Picture2_0/Picture2.jpg" style="width: 130px; height: 45px" usemap="#http://www.curriki.org/xwiki/bin/download/Coll_Panwapa/Picture2_0/Picture2.jpg"></td> </tr> </table> </div> </body> </html></p>


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  • Social Studies > Global Awareness

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