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This YouCubed unit was created by Math for America Fellows, Yekaterina Milvidskaia and Tiana Tebelman who teach 8th Grade Mathematics at Vista Magnet Middle School in Vista, CA. It contains 15 lessons (including a quiz and an assessment) that are based on classes that are 84 minutes long. The goal of this unit is to show students the importance of looking for patterns and why there is a need to generalize them, especially if there is a very large figure number. Through this unit, students will have to make sense of and look for structure in the patterns. Students will learn to justify their reasoning mathematically and visually. They will be asked to construct mathematical arguments and challenge the reasoning of others. In this unit students will learn about functions and relations and different ways to represent them. Lastly, this unit will give students the foundation they need to be successful with linear functions, which is one of the most important concepts in Math 8. By the end of this unit students will understand various ways to represent functions and know how to create a general rule. 


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