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A video about things people should know about Personal Learning Environments.


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James Moore
October 9, 2011

The music was very catchy and kept my attention. It was also good to show all of the
different types of personal learning environments.

I may have been the only one, but I was a little confused as to what "PLE" stood for
initially. I could not recall seeing anything that directly stated that "PLE" stood for
"Personal Learning Environment". I also felt that there was not enough verbal explanation of the different components of a PLE or how to use each type of PLE shown in the video.

Rosemary Ramirez
October 2, 2011

First off, good job using a variety of resources. Using PowerPoint presentations, graphics, and background music adhered to a lot of different learning styles. In addition, I think you guys provided a lot of useful information that could be referenced easily.

However, I didn't like the random part where you guys were taped for like 15 seconds doing absolutely nothing. I was confused at how it tied into your topic. I also thought some of the transitions were too fast for us to grasp all the information on the slides.

Julie Seifert
October 2, 2011

I liked that you started the video off with a straightforward, clear definition of a personal learning environment. That way, I started out with a general idea and then learned more throughout the video. I also knew right away what the video was about. I also liked all the different visuals you had for "blogs" and "social media" and all that. It was very engaging.

I personally did not like the background music. I found it annoying and distracting. Also, I wish you have given a few more details about PLE like, for example, how students use social media for learning.

Christen Downing
October 1, 2011

I was immediately interested in watching the rest of the movie because of the graphics used at the start of the video. I really liked the addition of the YouTube video on the high school that implemented Keynote.

I thought that it was however a little difficult to hear the voice over the background music. I also think that it got a little redundant at times and wasn't providing us with any further information when the YouTube and Blog parts were up for example.

Brett Stelmaszek
October 1, 2011

The music in the intro is rather engaging and catchy. The use of youtube in the video was a great example of the PLE.

The music is really distracting when the narrator is speaking. The shot on the two students standing by the post was way too long. The point could have been gotten across in a third of the time. The same applies with the examples of blog, youtube, etc....

Kevin Hixon
October 1, 2011

I really like how you included so many different types of media together in your video. The other thing that i really liked was the inclusion of the news story as it related very well to the rest of your video. I feel as though I could get halfway through reading any of the quotes or text that popped up and then it would go to the next image. Maybe allowing just another second or two for text would solve this problem. The only other thing is that while the news story was engaging and related, the clip was so long that I kind of forgot I was watching your video and just felt like I was watching the news.

Isabella Jebian
October 1, 2011

Loved the music in the background but at times I felt that it was too much over the voice and also there was a time or two when it was just cut off - not a good transition. There was very good use of visuals. I think when giving examples of PLEs like blogs, youtube, etc there could have been more explanation of examples of actual blog websites rather than all pictures of the words? Also I think there was too much to be read, especially that it was being read to us in the video. Overall I think there was great information and research on PLEs.

Elise Mark
September 29, 2011

I thought your video was very engaging! I liked the background music. It enhanced the video and did not distract me. I also like your incorporation of the news story. One thing I thought you could have done was left some of the text on the screen longer, sometimes it went by too fast. Also, the weakest part was the explanation of what a PLE is. At first, I didn't understand your explanation.

Monica Gonzalez
September 29, 2011

I liked the fact that you used several different types of media, auditory and visual and how you mixed up the way you presented the information. I also thought that adding the news clip was very smart in that it gave us some validity and an expert generated study.

I think that when it was the shot of the partners talking, the segment could have been made much more effective if more information was given as a voice over or even by the "actors" themselves. That way the moment would be more engaging and instead of wasted time. I also thought that the presentation could have been better if it weren't any recordings of a screen.

Kathleen Sewell
September 28, 2011

I really liked the variety of personal learning environments that you presented. I also enjoyed the music you chose, because it made the video engaging and dynamic.
I felt like the information could have been better organized, as I was confused as to what was happening when I was watching the video. Also, I didn't like the amount of text I had to read in a short amount of time at the beginning of the video. It would have helped if one of you had read this in a voice over.

Emily Hole
September 27, 2011

I really liked that you chose to put your video to music. It helped to get attention and keep the video moving along. I also liked your combination of videos and text to make the presentation more interesting.
Like a few others, I thought the scene near the beginning of the video of the two of you outside was a little confusing and long. I thought it would have been better if it were shorter and accompanied by a voice-over of what the video was showing. I also was sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of information I had to read. The music made the presentation feel "fast" to me, so reading that much sometimes felt hurried. I thought places with a lot of text might also have been nice if they'd been narrated.

Daniela Alvarado
September 26, 2011

- I really liked all the pics that represented all different medias.
- I feel like all the questions of Personal learning environment were answered with sufficient information.

- I did not like how we had to read some things but other information was read to us. Either or wouldve been fine but not both, in my opinion of course.
- I agree with Heather, i was a little confused when I saw you guys just standing there. I just assumed it was your PLE?

Heather McNeill
September 26, 2011

-It was nice that you answered a lot of questions about PLEs. :)
- The amount of time provided to read the words on the screen was perfect (for me), nice job!

- I wasn't quite sure about what was going on when the camera was on the two of you looking at a paper outside the apartment. (Was that an example of a PLE?)
- The glare from the camera on the computer screen was sort of distracting.

Angelica Domenech
September 26, 2011

I really liked how they combined graphics displayed with background music, and text with a voice to convey their message. This combination gave the video a bit of variety and intriguing.

I thought the transitions from one question to the next could have been smoother. The video itself was very strong up until the ending. I feel like if the ending was altered slightly this would be a very cool video.

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