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The events of photosynthesis may be covered under three phases: Phase 1: Absorption and retention of light by the photosynthetic pigments Phase II: Conversion of light energy absorbed in phase I into another species of energy, the chemical energy(ATP and NADPH2) by photophosporylation. Phase III: The chemical energy so trapped in ATP and NADPH2 in the earlier phase is comfortably stored in stable products like starch by Calvin cycle reactions or Hatch & Slack Pathway or by the reactions of Crassulacean Acid Metabolism.


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This resource guides students through the process of analyzing the meaning of the 2nd Amendment, learning about how it is represented in the media, and articulating their own views on the topic. The lesson is organized and includes all of the necessary materials. Students begin by sharing their own views on the 2nd Amendment, they are then showed a series of video clips from different media outlets, and finally students prepare and participate in a culminating activity in which they play the role of a campaign advisor who is sharing the opinions of the chosen party on the 2nd Amendment. While the lesson is intended for 7th graders, it could easily be used with high school students who are studying the Bill of Rights. It should be noted that access to youtube is necessary to show the video clips and that prior knowledge of the political parties is important background for students to have as they participate in the lesson.

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