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SCI.8.8.1.a.1: Science

An object is said to be in motion when its position changes in relation to a point of reference. An object?s motion can be described and represented graphically according to its position, direction of motion, and speed.

SCI.8.8.1.a.2: Science

Speed describes the change in an object?s position over a period of time, and is measured in units such as meters per second or miles per hour. Velocity takes into account an object?s speed and the direction of its motion.

SCI.8.8.1.a.3: Science

Average speed takes into account the different speeds at which an object moves over a period of time. Average speed is calculated by dividing the total distance traveled by the change in time, regardless of any changes in motion or direction during its travel.

SCI.8.8.1.a.4: Science

Motion of objects can be represented on a distance vs. time line graph, with distance traveled as the vertical (?y?) axis and time as the horizontal (?x?) axis. The slope (steepness) at any point of this line depends on the instantaneous speed of the moving object. A straight horizontal line indicates an object at rest.
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