This unit is designed as an educational option for gifted students in a regular education Science classroom. This unit addresses Ohio Academic Content Standards in the area of Earth and Space Sciences, particularly in the area of Plate Tectonics. It is also an interdisciplinary unit, incorporating Social Studies, Math and Technology standards ll. In it, students will build knowledge about the topic through focused web searches and then synthesize the information by creating a short documentary describing a famous earthquake or volcanic eruption. The documentary will describe the movement of the plates as well as the human drama that unfolds during natural disasters. This video can also be submitted to eTech as part of a video competition or to ThinkQuest if completed as a website. *This project requires the use of the Internet, and depending on student choice, the access to video cameras and other tools to aid in the creation of a movie. This project will also require time out of class.


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On a scale of 0 to 3

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This comprehensive and technology-infused unit is designed as an extension for gifted students (grades 6 through 10) in the regular science classroom. The project is clearly organized in sections for teachers, students and assessments. Teacher resources include helpful links, a list of issues to address before beginning the unit and a detailed timeline for implementation. The student section includes excellent professional & student-created video samples, as well as guidelines for using iTunes U, Google Earth, Google Docs and Curriki as tools in the research process. In the end, students have a variety of presentation options to describe a famous earthquake or volcanic eruption focusing on the science and the cultural implications of the event. This well-organized unit is created according to Ohio state standards and has an excellent blend of structure and student choice.
Janet Pinto
December 21, 2016
Kathleen Duhl
October 17, 2011

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