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This is a document that outlines 10 exercises originally designed for use in Secondary School, to teach and practice writing poetry. Each lesson goes through the basic components of poetry (simile, metaphor, and personification), and is focused on getting the student's imagination going, while producing at most 16 lines of poetry per assignment. The results produced must go through two revisions either from teacher feedback or peer review. 10 lessons in all. Originally developed by my father, who is now retired, but taught in the Richmond School District (California, USA) for many years.


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On a scale of 0 to 3

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This resource is a collection of 10 exercises or lesson plans about poetry. The lessons range from poetic techniques to types of poetry to how to use a thesaurus. Each lesson includes examples of different kinds of poems. The lessons are specific and easily adaptable. The resource is technically complete, has rich content and is pedagogically sound.

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