Students will learn about persuasive techniques used in political advertisements. Then they will create and present their own political TV ad to demonstrate their understanding.


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LA.9-12.II.B.1: Language Arts

Generate, gather, and organize ideas for writing.

LA.9-12.II.B.5: Language Arts

Revise writing for clarity, coherence, smooth transitions and unity.

LA.9-12.II.B.6: Language Arts

Apply available technology to develop, revise and edit writing.

LA.9-12.II.B.8: Language Arts

Revise, edit and prepare final drafts for intended audiences and purposes.

LA.9-12.II.C.1: Language Arts

Understand the differences between formal and informal language styles and use each appropriately.

LA.9-12.II.C.3.b: Language Arts

Correctly use punctuation such as the comma, semicolon, colon, hyphen, and dash.

LA.9-12.III.A.2: Language Arts

Deliver a speech in a logical manner using grammatically correct language, including vocabulary appropriate to the topic, audience and purpose.

LA.9-12.III.A.3: Language Arts

Understand the relationship between nonverbal, interpersonal, and small group communication.

LA.9-12.III.A.4: Language Arts

Describe the role of communication in everyday situations (e.g., advertising, informal social, business, formal social, etc.).

LA.9-12.III.A.5: Language Arts

Understand the effects of media on society and culture.

LA.9-12.III.A.6: Language Arts

Identify and understand essential elements, skills and implications of persuasion, argumentation, and debate as essential oral skills.

LA.9-12.III.B.3: Language Arts

Evaluate the source's point of view, intended audience and authority.

LA.9-12.III.B.5: Language Arts

Evaluate the content and effect of persuasive techniques used in print and broadcast media.

LA.9-12.III.B.6: Language Arts

Make informed evaluations about television, radio, film productions, newspapers and magazines with regard to quality of production, accuracy of information, bias, purpose, message and audience.

LA.9-12.III.B.7: Language Arts

Critically analyze the messages and points of view employed in different media, including advertising, news programs, web sites, and documentaries.

LA.9-12.III.B.9: Language Arts

Critically analyze and evaluate the strategies employed in news broadcasts, documentaries, and web sites related to clarity, accuracy, effectiveness, bias and relevance of facts.
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On a scale of 0 to 3

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This resource helps students gain an understanding of techniques used in political advertisements and then guides them through the process of creating their own advertisement. The lesson includes an internet assignment to learn about the techniques, clear guidelines for the project, and rubrics for each part of the project. The lesson in a government/civics course or integrated into a history course and tailored to a particular election. Students will need to have access to video and editing equipment to complete the assignment.

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