This lesson is supposed to get kids thinking about health. To get their minds going in the right direction, they have to know the correct definition of health. Our overall health is comprised of physical, mental and social health. The definitions for all three of these are provided below. These definitions are meant for the program provider. A definition for the students is also below.

Definitions for the program provider:
Physical Health: the absence of disease and disability; functioning adequately from the perspective of physical and physiological abilities; the biological integrity of the individual.

Mental Health: May include emotional health; may make explicit reference to intellectual capabilities; the subjective sense of well-being

Social Health: the ability to interact effectively with other people and the social environment; satisfying interpersonal relationships; role fulfillment

Definition for the students:
Health: when a person is in a state of complete physical (bodily), mental (the mind and feelings) and social (interactions with other people) well-being. Health is not simply the absence of disease.

In other words, a person is physically healthy if they are able to perform tasks that people their age can generally do. For example, children should be able to play on the playground for thirty minutes without having difficulty breathing. Another way to determine one’s physical health is to look at the food and drink that the person puts into their body. Do they eat from all the food groups? Do they limit sweets and sugary drinks? Do they limit fattening foods like french fries and potato chips?

When a person is mentally healthy they are able to cope with the situation around them. In general they are happy (Everyone has a bad day!). They are able to function at the cognitive level expected of someone their age.

Children who are socially healthy are able to interact effectively with their peers. The child has friends and does not shy away from social situations. It’s certainly ok to have a shy personality, but one’s shyness should not interfere with his or her ability to communicate effectively.

After going over these concepts with the students, use the following game to get children moving and thinking about health.

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